As the darkness started to envelop the streets of Redlands, a few miles away from the San Bernardino shooting scene, a SWAT team arrived along with two armored trucks and rifles at the small townhouse where accused Syed Farook lived with his mother. Several officers stood together in front of the home, and the officers used a crane to knock the front window and crash the door of the house. Later, a robot rolled in to search for explosives that might have been left behind by Farook. Within some time, a loud bang rang from inside indicating that one controlled explosion was over.

The residents stood outside their apartment buildings to watch the happenings in the usually quiet neighborhood. Initially, they were told that they might have to be evacuated. After searching for hours, there were no more signs of any impending danger. The officers were combing through the home even after the armored trucks were driven off.

Many residents had not noticed Farook, and they were wary that they could not recognize how a mass shooting suspect lived among them.

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