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San Bernardino Shooting Kills at Least 14, Two Suspects Killed

A heavily armed couple terrorized the San Bernardino city in California on Wednesday killing a minimum of 14 people and injuring 17 people at a social services center. Later, the police went on a manhunt ending the life of the two suspects in a shooting, stated the authorities.

There were chaos, panic, and rumor that gripped all over the working class community that is 60 miles east of Los Angeles as the couple carried out the worst mass shooting in the country since the elementary school assault in Newtown Conn. three years back.

San Bernardino Police Department’s Chief Jarrod Burguan identified the couple Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. Farook was born in the U.S. and his family members state that they were married and had a daughter of six months old. A third person was taken into custody following the shootout, but it is unclear if the person is involved in the attack or not. He said that they are reasonably confident that they have two shooters, and two suspects are dead.

Farook is an environmental inspector who had been employed with the health department of the country for five years. He attended a holiday party on Wednesday for the department at the sprawling facility Inland Regional Center that offers services for thousands of disabled people. After a dispute of some kind, he left angrily, stated the chief. He returned with Ms. Malik by 11 AM, and they were heavily armed.

The Chief Burguan stated that there had to be some level of planning in this. He said that they cannot just run home and wear on the tactical clothes. The motive of the attack is not determined, but they have ruled out the terrorism aspect. The couple was armed with .223 caliber assault rifles as well as semi-automatic handguns.

As they heard shots, the others in the building hid and cowered, and they sent out texts. He stated that most of the victims were in one part of the building. However, to render the scene safe, they had to spend several hours.

The couple left three explosive devices behind, and the officials were starting to process the scene. They could not identify the victims late Wednesday. The suspects fled the scene in a black SUV, and large parts of the city were paralyzed the entire day. The residents were asked to stay indoors, and the government buildings, offices and stores, and some schools were closed or put on shutdown. The yellow school buses were filled with the survivors of the shooting, and they were escorted by police vans to face the anxious relatives at one of the churches in the city.

As per Chief Burguan, a minimum of 20 officers were involved in the gun shooting. The chief stated that a third person fled the scene, and he was taken into police custody. However, his role remains unknown. One of the police officers was wounded in the shootout, but there are no life threatening injuries.

Following the attack, President Obama has called for better background checks and latest restrictions on the access to guns as people might pose a threat to others.

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The U.S. Sees Select Military Units as Key to Big Push Against the ISIS

For many years, the Joint Special Operations Command also known as JSOC throughout Pentagon has provided standing forces of the American commandos to track the terrorist leaders overseas. It has been announced now that a small team of the special operators will be deployed to Iraq in order to carry out raids against the ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Ashton B. Cater, the defense secretary, did not make use of the acronym JSOC as he disclosed the plans. He referred it as a specialized expeditionary targeting force. However, the commandos at the Defense Department stated that there will be at least 100 support personnel with a mission that is similar to the one that was carried out in tandem with the then President George W. Bush in 2007 in Iraq. The commandos conducted many high tempo nightly raids to kill or capture the fighters from Iraq’s Al Qaeda and other Baathist groups.

Now, the ISIS is the new enemy that includes the members of the old enemy as well who were left last time. The officials stated that they viewed the new deployment as the beginning of a phased intensification of the war in Syria and Iraq. The positioned commandos will perform raids stated Col. Steven H. Warren. He is the spokesman for the coalition that is led by the Americans against the Islamic state in Baghdad. They will focus on high value targets and high value individuals.

He stated that the Defense Department preference will be to capture the ISIS leaders alive and not killing them. This way, they can collect intelligence and gather additional insight related to the groups activities and structure. He added that they see this as carrying out operations to defeat the group ISIL that is another name for the Islamic State. Eventually, their mission is Defeat ISIL.

There is high pressure in the White House and Pentagon to show that the U.S. is taking more firm steps to combat the ISIS. As a result, Mr. Cater surprised his top aides by adding the plan for additional commandos into the prepared testimony.

For President Obama, who has been unwilling to send more troops to this region after over a decade of war, the addition of the commandos shows an effort to strengthen the wmprar effort. The administration is taking small steps to augment the pressure on the ISIS without appearing to alter the cautious strategy.

So far, Obama has sent 3,500 American forces to Iraq after the Islamic State took a large amount of land and confirmed a caliphate. In order to prevent any compromise on the American capabilities, the Defense Department officials did not want to detail how the commandos are planning to operate. However, they have given an example of a commando raid that took place in May killed the mid-level Islamic State leader, and the capture of his wife.

As per Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, the Islamic State leaders who will be captured by the American commandos will not be sent to the military prison located at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba as the president is trying to close it. The fate of the prisoners will be decided based on the case.

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