Though the Austin race is listed on the 2016 calendar, it seems to be unclear if the race will take place. The U.S. Grand Prix is listed as a provisional one subject to agreement with the ASN and the promoter on the latest version of the upcoming F1 calendar. The race has lost a major chunk of 20 percent of its subsidy that comes from the Texas Major Events Trust Fund. There has been a reduction from $25 million to just $19.5 million this year. Recently, Bernie Ecclestone made it clear that it was a problem due to COTA.

He claimed that it has nothing do with him and that Bobby Epstein has to be questioned. They have an agreement with the promoter, and they will try to do something. Before signing contracts, people should ensure they can render. The only change from the version of the schedule that was published earlier is that Mexico has moved one week in advance to October 30 from November 7. This means is that it is again back with Austin. Ecclestone originally twinned the race along with Brazil.

In the history of F1, the longest season is scheduled for the next season starts from March 20 and goes on till June 19. It features a new race in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

The FIA has also let in-season engine development as well as increased tire choices for the upcoming season. All the manufacturers will have tokens for 32 development available next season assigned to parts of the engine that depend on their power on performance. This is a considerable increase from the earlier number of 25 development tokens. The no of tokens available in the following years has been increased to 25 in the year 2017, 20 in the year 2018, and 15 in the year 2019.

The rules that govern the potential new entrants have also been changed. Honda also had to fight to be let only nine tokens in the very first season this year. It was scheduled to move to the step with the restrictions on its challengers Renault, Ferrari, and Mercedes. All of them had one year’s racing with their engines.

Now, any new makers will be let 15 tokens in the very first season, and then they will get 32, 25 and so on in the following years as mentioned earlier. In another change, the manufacturers will be let to supply over one specification of engines to the customers. The FIA has already allowed Ferrari to supply the 2015 engines to a specific team that it has not specified.